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Orion [userpic]

Morningtime Writing

January 22nd, 2009 (01:35 pm)

current location: My Warm Little Room
current mood: tired
current song: The Soft Hum of My Computer

Stashbox valentine
Closet's shameful secret
Fingers in the box
Cold and hard, crackerjack surprise
Screams in steel tongue
Jumps back and ends him
Flash of light, smoking maw
Beauty sleep turns ugly
Shaft wipe, leather embrace
Hinges protest, eyes wide
Silent scream, doorjamb freeze
Jacket withdrawal swats the barfly
Once bitten, twice blinks
Lies to look at sky eternal
Two for one special
Takes flight, night's calm embrace

Orion [userpic]

Short Story

November 13th, 2008 (03:19 pm)
current mood: awake

It was a tight, dark tunnel. Not even wide enough for a person's shoulders. It had a feeling of being deep underground; the walls looked as if they were made of warped tree roots, braided tightly together and warped by age and decay. But the light, it was otherworldly. Everything was tinged as if lit by moonlight. That's when he realized it was him. There was no light here, he was emanating a kind of bluish light. It was because he was still alive, he realized. He was alive in a world of the dead. Not a place you should go after death, a heaven, a hell or a limbo, but somewhere else. Like a grave if it just kept going down. Some place that was evil because it was so dead. Not a normal kind of dead. This was where you went when you were still alive but something didn’t want you to be anymore. And just beyond the light, just beyond his vision, just beyond where his life-light no longer reached was the Thing in the darkness. He could feel it. He couldn't see it, but he could damn well feel it. And it was moving ever closer to him. He knew this because the light was fading, so it could come closer. It was taking his life from him, taking away his light. And it was nearing slowly but surely. Never out of the darkness, but always expanding the darkness. He would open his mouth to scream, but he didn't want it to get inside of him. He shut his eyes, but then he felt like he could almost see it, and that is exactly what he didn't want. So he waited, it was all he could do. He waited to die. To have his life taken by the Thing and to then be part of it. Another terrible appendage on the creature without a body. Another eye within the sightless being; another arm to reach into the mind, the body, the soul, and seize it. The darkness was becoming overbearing. So little light, all he could see was the twisted roots directly in front of him; the tunnel itself was becoming smaller. He was feeling crushed and unable to breathe any longer. That’s when he felt it, something reached into his chest. It was colder than anything he could have imagined, and it hurt so much. He awoke.

He sat up before his eyes were all the way open. There were tears streaking the sides of his face and his body was covered in a freezing cold sweat. He was trembling so hard because he could still feel the thing in his chest. He could feel each freezing, slimy little digit on his various organs, the things that were keeping him alive. He wanted to phone someone just to hear another person’s voice but when he looked over he saw that it was just before 4, which was way to early to phone anyone. There was no way he was getting any sleep after that, so he got up and had a hot shower. When he got out he turned on his computer and went to the kitchen. He glanced at the microwave and its display which claimed it was 3am. He kept forgetting to set the thing back for Daylight Savings now that it was getting to the colder part of the year, but he didn’t feel like doing it now either. He opened the cupboard and sifted through it. Cereal, rice, pasta, wrong cupboard. His mind was definitely somewhere else. He kept going back in his head to that place, trying to figure out what it was in that darkness. He felt like he knew, but when he almost had a clear image in his mind, he felt like he was going to throw up, so he pushed it to the back. Opening the cupboard above the stove now; instant coffee, herbal teas, caffeinated tea, honey, brown sugar. He took out the caffeinated tea and sugar, washed out a mug and then went over to his computer and put some music on. Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown. Seemed somehow fitting. This dream had been coming to him for about a month now, almost every night. Always the same place, always the same feeling. The kettle was whistling, so he made his tea and sat back down at the computer.

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(no subject)

November 4th, 2008 (07:13 pm)

I decided at work today that I felt like making a list of all my silly human tricks. Things that I can do that many others can't.

Ice Skating
Fire Spinning
Various Martial Arts
Card Tricks
Speed Reading
Competitive Swimming

I have deduced from this list that I have a very limited skillset, which includes almost nothing which can lead to a career. On the other hand, I'm very fun at parties.

Orion [userpic]

Chapter Four: A Survivor

October 21st, 2008 (07:52 pm)

Driscal was crouched low on his white steed, water streaming down the sides of his face not just from the speed at which he was moving, but from remembering the beast. He had seen it in the night sky and as soon as the sun began eking over the horizon just enough to provide the light needed to saddle up, he fled his little town. He knew only that he was searching for the legendary man who had slain so many of this kind of foe before. The man who had earned himself the name Eron Talonkeep. All he knew of this man was whatever he heard whispered between strangers at street corners and said idly in the market. What was said was that Eron kept a sword larger than most men. That he had slain a score of dragons and kept a single tooth around his neck from every one he had vanquished. If anyone could stop that creature he had seen, it would be Eron.

He remembered now; the flames, the screaming, the crying out of children seeking their mothers but finding only the warmth and then the cold that came from the mythical beast's breath, all heard from just over the hill. Zudan had been a small town, but still much larger than that which Driscal hailed from; so close, too. He passed through it before leaving to the east. He had seen the bodies, the carnage created by that accursed creature. He cried for the people he had known who had schooled him, had sold him his produce and cobbled his boots. He couldn't even tell which people he had known, their once familiar faces now the same ash that once were the beams of homes whose smell was so friendly and comfortable.

He had a sword on his side which had been given to him by the father of the girl he was going to marry. A girl he had seen once since the dragon had been, but he now wished he had not. All that remained was the warped remains of the necklace he had given her, now fused to the metal of her oven. He could only guess at where her body ended and the floor began. It all looked the same now. He swore there that he would be instrumental in the demise of that winged messenger of death. But for now he needed the help of one with the experience to aid him in the war he was about to wage. He needed a hero's help.

Orion [userpic]

Chapter Three: The Hermit

October 8th, 2008 (05:59 pm)

A door on squeaky hinges opened and a balding man emerged from the doorway. He was in good shape for a man of his age, which was betrayed only by the lines experience had left in his face. He walked down a steep, muddy trail, through freezing rain. Eventually, he arrived at a well and drew up a large bucket which he trucked back up to his hut. It took some effort to close the door against the windy night, and once that was done he set about to the task of suspending the bucket of water over the fire. With this completed, he sat and observed the crackling flames.

Halar was a quiet man, who moved out of his small town at a very young age to pursue a life of solitude. He had seen very few other people in the past few decades, and liked it that way. He had spent almost his entire life learning about the flora and fauna in his area and the few miles that expanded around it, and had been writing about every new thing he discovered in a large tome that he kept.

Awakening to the sound of the water boiling, he removed a ladle from the mantle and scooped some water out, crossed his tiny room, and poured it into a cup which he had carved from ivory many many years ago. He obtained the ivory from a kind of pachyderm which was often ridden into battle. Because of this, there were very few around, and the one which he found while hunting had sustained him for the entire winter season. He took the lid off a small box which contained various leaves he had been picked from nearby areas and dried. He dropped two different kinds of leaves in and waited for them to darken the water a bit. After a couple sips, he went and sat back down in his handmade chair. He placed his cup in his lap and drifted back to sleep.

Awakening again, but this time to the sound of a strong gust of wind outside, he arose to ensure that the windows were properly closed. He finished his now cold tea and latched both the windows. While doing this, he noticed something out the southern window. Or rather, an absence of something. He quickly crossed the room and stooped over his tome, which sat open on the table. He flipped to the calendar he had created based on the moon cycles and sure enough, tonight should be the full moon, but there was no light outside. Perhaps the rain was so dense as to obscure the moon in the sky, but even then, a sliver of light in that direction should be visible.

Another strong gust of wind buffeted his home. A terrible, sick feeling arose in Halar's stomach. Something was wrong. As he dressed in his warmest clothes, still another strong rush of wind shook his domicile. The wind was picking up heavily, but in abrupt outbursts. Perhaps this was the precursor to some kind of serious storm. He took a hooded lantern from its place on the wall and lit it with a torch, affixed to its sconce above the mantle. He turned and felt yet another of these violent winds rock the foundations of his home. Never had such a wind come to this part of the country. Perhaps this was a harbinger of something altogether more wicked. The adrenaline was rushing through his veins as he unlatched his door and threw it open with a terrific creaking. The next wave of wind lifted him from his feet and rearranged everything within his little dwelling. When the roof tore away, he got his first, and last, look at the most terrifying apparition he had ever beheld. His heart stopped before he even knew what fate would behold his form.

Orion [userpic]

Chapter Two: A Dragon

October 5th, 2008 (05:19 pm)

When he opened his eyes, his dilated pupils, as dark as the cold void of space, slowly shrank back to vertical slits like the closing of some ancient portal. The enormous scaled wings upon his back grew to their full magnificent span as he stretched. The pieces of bone which projected from the tips of his wings took deep gouges from the walls of his massive cave as he did this.

Xora was as ancient as the oceans; as old as the largest mountains that jut from the surface of the earth. A forgotten remnant from an age of massive lizards which existed even before what we know as dinosaurs. One of the few of his race which were around in the beginning; a creature of brilliant intelligence and forgotten magicks.

When he finished yawning, he burped; still feeling satisfied from the meal he had eaten before his rest began, almost four weeks ago. Exhaling a cloud of sulfurous reek, he clicked his teeth together, creating a spark which lit these gases and filled his cavern with flame.

Xora awoke every time the moon completed one of its cycles. When the tides were full of their supernatural power, so too was this emperor among gods. He shifted himself up to his feet, his old bones creaking a few feet beneath his impenetrable scaly hide. After standing to his full height he leapt upward, out of the massive hole on top of the mountain in which he dwelt. He spread his wings and took to the sky, blacking out the full moon for the few creatures scurrying about nearby. Only Xora knew that this deep hole in the earth was caused by the last falling star to hit the planet; the rock which ended the reign of the land-bound lizards.

As he was flying toward the village, Xora thought of the human who had killed so much of his kindred, including his son, Xak'taroth. The creature known as Skye would pay. And the best way to find this bane of dragonkind would be to continue attacking his hometown. Eventually he would come, and when he did, his bones would be spread across his precious kingdom, from Luscan to Sondar.

For the next few days, while the moon was full in the star-pocked sky, the tiny bipedal warm-bloods would pay for the sins of their famed warrior. And if Skye didn't arrive before the moon began to wane during this cycle, it would mean more destruction for his kingdom during the next one.

Orion [userpic]

Chapter One: A Warrior

October 4th, 2008 (10:40 am)

One day a warrior named Eron left his kingdom in search of glory. He traveled across many other kingdoms, fighting for honour and for treasure. When he arrived at an ocean, he simply swam across it. When he arrived at a new land, he spent a few weeks learning the language of the new place, and would then address the foreign kings, who would tell him of whatever dragons or trolls were causing trouble.
Finally he arrived at one of the last kingdoms on the map; Luthdar. In this place, there was much trouble. There was a horde of ogres who would kill all the men of the kingdom, and take the women as slaves. Eron entered the castle to address the King, but the throne room was empty. He eventually found the princess, a beautiful girl called Andonia. She informed Eron that the king had been killed, and the queen had died of grief.
"Then I shall speak to the prince of the kingdom."
"I have yet to marry," informed the princess, "so there is no prince in this kingdom. I am the only royalty here."
So Eron and the princess stayed up all night, making negotiations for him to rid the kingdom of ogres, but as he was getting supplies together, a messenger arrived for Eron. The messenger let him know that Eron's kingdom was under siege by an emperor dragon, who was angry about all of his dragon subjects being slain, and wanted retribution. Eron went to tell Princess Andonia the news.
"I do not know what to do, Princess. I vowed to you that my sword would not spill blood until I vanquished the ogre king."
"I understand, Eron. You should go back to your kingdom and do what is necessary."
"Then I shall stay true to my word. I shall not take my weapon from its sheath until it is to slay the creature which has caused you so much grief. The dragon will die from my two hands."
"Do not fret about your vow. As long as you eventually return, and take care of the problem in my kingdom, all will be well. After all, you do not want your sword to get rusty, do you..."
"Then I shall spend the next six months riding back to my kingdom, and swimming the mighty oceans, and when I slay the emperor of dragons, I shall immediately return and practice my blade upon the mighty ogre king."
"Then I shall wait one year for your return. And when you eliminate the problem that has troubled my land for so long, I will make you my prince."

Orion [userpic]

Last Update: Sept 16

September 9th, 2008 (11:32 pm)
current mood: creative

Cliff tossed his tools aside as soon as he got in the door. Working on Bodigards all day was pretty taxing, even for a mechanic of his caliber. The droid corp he worked at recently got a surprisingly large contract to construct and calibrate several Bodigard bots, which were usually reserved for celebrities; particularly politicians. This was partly because they generally contained more firepower than was necessary for anything aside perhaps from a small-scale riot, but also because of the immense cost involved. One of these alone would go for more than couple million amen. Fortunately Cliff was one of the few from his division who was chosen for this particular manufacturing job. This was unusual, since he usually worked in the repair division, but certainly not unheard of. Everyone at the corp knew he was the best in the repair pit, and they obviously wanted a couple repair guys on the project, since they looked at droids a bit differently from the 'facture workers. On a job like this, you wanted all kinds of different perspectives to have input. One improperly installed and calibrated firewall and you could have a droid with a whole lot of firepower hacked, which would be disastrous.

Cliff was certainly exhausted from this kind of work, but he knew than in just under two weeks, he'd have a credit for almost 2000 Amen. He wouldn't have thought of that as too much back before the International Corp Merge of 2035, which was only really a few years ago, but when the United Corporations of America's Dollar and AsiaCorp's Yen standardized their currencies into the Amen, wages for every kind of job really plummeted. With the currency monopoly, the corps could pretty much do whatever they wanted with the rates. Just one year after the merge, even UK Inc dissolved their currency to take on the amen.

Cliff was named from an extinct style of terraform which was known to have naturally occurred back before the Global Environment Standardization occurred. This was of course the bill that passed back before the 20's which ensured that useless land features were done away with, since they wasted so much space which could be used for various relevant structures. His mother had apparently visited one of the few natural terraform reserves left in the UCA and named Cliff after a specific aspect of it. There were stories told there about how Niagara Gully used to be a waterfall, and there were all kinds of clips everywhere showing what a waterfall looked like. Cliff's mom had found the image fascinating, and had named him for this phenomenon. Particularly the aspect which defined the incredible difference in height between two areas so near to each other.

The only water you saw now was when you visited a coast or were in your home. These days Cliff's home was in a block, just like most people's were. Celebs and franchise owners could afford houses, but pretty much every other person leased a home in one of the various buildings known as blocks. Cliff would have liked to have leased a house, and had been thinking about how he might go about managing that lately. He had been considering moving out of the UCA at some point so he could start his own droid repair shop, but had been a bit worried about affording to get set up once he moved. Fortunately, with this project going on, he'd be able to save enough to cover all the initial costs in just a couple months. He'd probably just have to either move south to one of the Southern States of America like Tijuana or San Jose, or go somewhere in the European Union where free trade was still legal. Maybe this weekend he'd take a trip to the west coast, then through the Asiamerican tunnel right to the end, where he could then just cross over to the EU and find a good zone there that he could later relocate to. It'd be nice to spend a couple days away from home anyway.

The Asiamerica tunnel was the massive superhighway that ran beneath the Pacific Ocean. Most people simply traveled through using the frictionless "train", apparently named for its resemblance to an archaic method of transport from the previous century. But there were some people who chose to drive through in their Personal Vehicles, which would have to utilize the intricate overhanging wire system. It didn't cost as much as using the train, but you had to spend awhile hooking your PV up to the lines. This was one of the last places where a hardwire system was used on this scale, but it was the easiest way to ensure that no one hacked a signal for free. So, one had to pay 20 Amen to hook up and then drive, which took almost twice as long as if you had just paid the extra 80 and rode the train. If you didn't hook up, your PV wouldn't have a strong enough signal around mid-tunnel to make it through without any lag. And there were few things more dangerous than a lagging PV in a confined area. The providers could easily have installed a couple extra towers in or on the ocean, but with all the piracy in the Oceanic Disputed Territories, they probably would have been stripped for parts overnight in no time.

Before Cliff even got a chance to even sit down at his MediaSurfer, his cell rang. Cellulars these days were a kind of plug you put in your ear. They were flexible, extremely lightweight and they never died. This was because they perpetually charged themselves off of the residual thermal energy your body produces. Most people had them these days, aside from anyone who lived or worked in a particularly cold climate. If the exposed part of the cell was any colder than 250K or so, it didn't matter how warm your body was at his point, they just wouldn't keep their charge. Because of this slight defect, some people still had the old models that went behind the ear. They had to be just slightly bigger to fit an internal battery. These ones were obsolete though. They didn't even make any new software for them. There was a group of pirates that operated out of northern Canada who made hax for the obsolete models though. Apparently, one of the guys in this circle recently figured out how to mod a cell plug so you could run a hardwire behind the ear and have an external battery in your shirt or whatever. This way, the wire was a lot less noticeable than the ear-attachment, so no one thought you were broke or worked in a morgue.

To answer a phone, you just touched the small amount of it which was exposed. If you wanted to do anything more complicated, like listen to tunes or hook it up to a basic weapons system, you had to use the interface on your wrist, known as a PC. He checked the interface to see who it was, then answered.

Orion [userpic]

Body, mind, and soul.

August 23rd, 2008 (04:33 pm)

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Most people see these three things separately. This is far from true. The organ we think of as a brain is much, much larger than most believe. The brain is directly connected to your central nervous system, which runs through every part of your body. Every nerve beneath your skin is a part of your brain. The mind runs through and controls every aspect of your body. Not just when you walk or move your arms, which are actions dictated by the conscious part of your mind. Your brain also controls when you blink and when your heart beats. It controls the process of your liver filtering toxins and your stomach producing acids to breakdown your food. So, every muscle and organ (your skin is an organ too) is directly affected by your brain. So directly affected, in fact, that there's no reason to see them as different things. It's like differentiating a cup and a bowl. Not only do they serve the same purpose, but they're made of the same stuff.

I like to see the human body as the aspect of the brain which you use as a tool; much like our body uses fingers as one of its primary tools. The body is the part of the brain that we use for communication and movement, among other things. Just as some see the brain and body as different things, some see the brain as a part of the body. I would say that this is how most would view it, really. But I believe that this is a very backward way of looking at it.

Now, it is my belief that the soul is not some dazzling light within us, looking out, but merely another word for the central nervous system. The soul is our consciousness. Not merely what most people think of our brain, but the actual brain. The organ that stretches through every corner of our body, and fills us with thoughts and emotions. Some people find this depressing, because they think that that dies when the body ceases to continue. This is also silly to me. Any chemist will teach you that every single time a chemical reaction occurs, nothing is lost. No matter what, no energy is ever lost. Displaced, but not gone.

When the central nervous system shuts down and the energy is no longer there, it has simply moved on, though I believe that it continues to affect the collective subconscious. This is why the betterment of the mind is important to me. Anything learned is shared unconsciously through the quantum field. The differentiation between one mind and the next is merely visual. Reality dictates that it is not though. What we can see is relevant only for our sense of spacial dynamics. There are millions of frequencies which we cannot see. X-rays, infrared, microwaves, to name just a few that are proven to exist. We are constantly connected to everything else through all kinds of invisible fields. We can alter matter itself with only the power of conscious thought. This is because we are connected to it. Just as I don't differentiate the body from the mind or the mind from the soul, I don't see how one object and another aren't connected. Or one person and another.

Orion [userpic]

(no subject)

August 20th, 2008 (08:52 pm)

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So, my ninja friend Omar picked up a new weapon the other day. He was brandishing his new razor sharp weapon when a SWAT team descended upon him. There were 6 men in bullet-proof vests aiming their heavy duty weaponry at him. Unfortunately, their vests weren't designed to stop the kind of weapons a ninja wields. The first began to yell freeze but was cut off by a shuriken. By the time it was embedded in the wall behind the beheaded mercenary, Omar was climbing it. They aimed their weapons at Omar in one synchronized movement and the triggers were depressed almost simultaneously. The wall erupted from the onslaught of metal showering the masonry, but the ninja was already gone. One of the armed men suddenly began firing at the shadow on the ground, believing it to be the dangerous dark figure. His last thoughts were of his accomplishment as the blade descended through his skull like a trained diver into the surface of a lake.

The blade whipped around into the next soldier so quickly that the arc of blood caused by the scything blade hadn't even begun to displace the air. The dark figure liked to savour experiences like this. It wasn't very often someone successfully tracked him down. So he moved away from the three remaining, astonished team members, into the shadows. After a few tense, sweating, nervous moments, one of these men had the presence of mind to switch on his night vision in order to find the lurking figure. It was the last movement his body intentionally made, but certainly not the last one altogether. There was yet another barrage of bullets, fired seemingly randomly into the fresh morning air.

When the echo of these noises dissipated over the next eternity of seconds, the sound of the heartbeats was the only thing audible. One of the men standing decided to turn and flee, but the decision was unable to be delivered to his legs. The man was alive long enough to look into the eyes of a man who very few had the opportunity of seeing. He didn't appreciate the experience as much as one might hope.

The last man was going to be allowed to live to tell the tale, but he died of shock within seconds. This is why one mustn't fuck with a ninja.

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